The “trifecta…”

It's been over three weeks since August has blessed this world. I can't believe how fast time goes by. The days (and nights) are long, but somehow the weeks are fleeting. I wanted to write and give an update now that the "trifecta" is complete. Last January, it felt as though my world began to turn upside down. Matt and I had decided to move from our house in Burnsville and buy a new house in ... View the Post

Meet August Joseph!

I'm so excited to share August's birth story with all of you! I can't believe that it was exactly a week ago that this little boy blessed us with his presence on Earth. Last Wednesday I was 37 weeks and six days pregnant and I was going to the doctor for my regularly scheduled visit. Every week I would go in for a bio physical ultrasound and meet with my doctor. At this stage in pregnancy it's ... View the Post

A Father’s Love and Story

One of my favorite parts about becoming a mother was watching Matt become a father. I knew that Matt was going to be a great father, because he honestly excels at everything he does, but I didn't imagine him to be the father that he is. He's better than I could have imagined. He's a very hands-on daddy. Wherever we go or whatever we do, Matt really wants to be involved. It may be us taking Owen to ... View the Post

Hope Unfolding

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