Transitions aren’t always easy…

Monday was the first day of my "new life." I closed the chapter on my full-time position the Friday before and I was ready to jump into my new career. I bought my new computer, decorated my home office (pictures coming), and my small business became official (at least with the state), I'm now the proud owner of Jenna Allerson Consulting, LLC. I had checked off all the boxes to get me to this ... View the Post

One question can change your life

About two months ago I was challenged with the question, "what are you doing here?" I was in a drafty hotel conference room full of my colleagues at an off-site retreat themed, "Deep Breath." Dr. William Brendel, an expert in mindfulness came in to lead a session early on the second day. It seems like a pretty insignificant, innocent question, but what if you let yourself go deeper? Initially, ... View the Post

Small talk to real talk?

Something that I have always believed is that you can get through almost anything in life as long as you have at least one good friend. I think back to my days of elementary and middle school. Walking into the cafeteria on the first day always made me so anxious, until I spotted that one good friend. Fast forward to high school and the same feelings rang true. If I could spot one of my close ... View the Post

Hope Unfolding

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